Specify critical wan interfaces for bandwidth monitoring

Hi everyone,

Could i please get some help in creating an alerts that will alert me on a specific WAN interface and when it utilisation is higher than 90% for 5-10 min?

So far i have a rule that says if the vendor is cisco and if the location is in our Nottingham AD site.

But i also want to be able to specify exactly which interface. how would i do that?

I am not sure location and Nottingham will work as i am guessing it uses AD which my cisco routers does not understand. unless SW NPM knows of the subnets used in our Nottingham branch.

Use the latest versions for APM and NPM.


  • Your best solution may be to create a Custom Property for Interfaces called, for example, "Critical" and assign the ones you are interested in with a common value like "Yes". the Custom Properties are then available in the alert manager so you just do a filter where the Custom Property has your assigned value.

  • That is a brilliant idea.

    Thank you

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  • No worries. Let us know how you get on, and don't forget to mark as "Answered" if it works emoticons_happy.png

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  • Do you have nodes in SolarWinds that are in the site 'Nottingham' ?

    If so, you can click on that node to get to the node details page...   In the node details page, you will see a banner on the left side.

    If you hover on this toolbar, it will expand to show you interfaces...

    If no interfaces are listed in the interfaces section, simply click the 'List Resources' in the 'Management' section of the Node details

    From what I understand, your devices should be set to allow syslog traffic.