Alert visibility

I am building a SolarWinds setup with SAM, DPA, vMan, NPM and SRM. Engineers from different groups will be accessing the console with views tailored for them (e.g. Servers, DBA, Network, Storage, Virtualization, etc). Knowing the fact that alert filtering isn't handled by views, users are able to see all the alerts Orion holds. 

Based on my research, the option is to build alert filtering by using Alert Limitation Category (ALC) and tie them to the user/groups.  I have some questions about Alert Limitation.  I have some questions:

1. Are you allowed to specify only ONE ALC per user/group?

2. Are you allowed to specify ONE ALC per alert?

3 If #1 and #2 are both true, does it mean I have to create one alert rule for each user group? 

Here is the scenario:

User Group: Server Admins - they are presented with views filtered for only servers they manage

User Group: DBAs - they are presented with views filtered for only SQL servers they manage

With the default node is down alert, both groups will see the alert in their view.

If I were to limit the alerts relevant to them, do I have to create 2 of the same node down alert except each has an ALC that ties to each group?    I'm afraid this is going to be a lot of management overhead considered there are many more groups in reality and more alerts per group.

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