What We're Working On for The Orion Platform (Updated: July 15, 2021)


The latest release of  the Orion Platform 2020.2.6 is available on solarwinds.com and in your customer portal. We hope you're enjoying the features of our current Orion Platform 2020.2.6

What We're Working On

  • Support SHA256/512 for SNMPv3 
  • GMSA Account for the Orion database.
  • Simplified installation via single MSI
  • Additional credential management via API.
  • jQuery update
  • Validation of CIS IIS and SQL Server best practices
  • Removal of any code unsupported by Microsoft


You ask, we listen. Many of the top features developed are generated through your participation in user sessions and your votes in the feature requests forum.  

  • Totally agree with this, I think I've sumbitted an idea YEARS ago for permission granularity for the reason you mention but also for the possibility to have different read and write accesses for the same account.

    i.e. Sees everything but can edit nodes of a particular area (custom property based).

    Now you can set view limitation based on custom properties.. but that's not very granular, one should be able to view everything but edit some aspects locally.

  • When is the new version getting released?

  • Still hoping that the 'Manage Nodes' page finally gets the tools from the old legacy page moved over as well as the ability to direct link to filtered versions e.g. ui/manage/nodes?cisco+warning would precheck the boxes for "Cisco" and "warning" when the link loads. Handy for sharing with teams.

  • That would be a godsend. Keyring method of user rights is such a productivity booster for large environments.

  • To add to that, we also need to have permissions profiles so we can easily give out the same set of permissions to the same set of users, also, the ability to test out a user's access to see what they can see.

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