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Custom Reports

It would be great if with Storage Manager, the administrators could create custom reports as we currently do with Orion. Some customers and internal users have asked for this capability but Storage Manager has not the option yet. It´s very important for Storage administrators and datacenter crew, to have reports that could be adopted according to their needs.

  • Thanks for the comment, crossfiter14.  Scheduled reports can include graphics, but only those which are designed with graphs or graphics.  One such example is the "Port Statistics by SAN Switch" report.  However, you are correct - for custom reports, we only include the "raw" data set.  Have you seen Storage Dreaming - The Next Chapter for Storage Monitoring with SolarWinds ?  If this type of reporting is critical to your environment, I'd recommend that you sign up for the beta program.

    I'd be happy to setup a call to get some information about your specific requirements.

  • There is one aspect of the reporting mechanism has been lacking for years and it's driven me crazy the entire time I've been a customer!  And that's the ability to be able to schedule a report that will display the charts shown the dashboard view.  Scheduled reports only currently display the data in a table form so even if I send this type of report to my co-worker, they will ask me why I couldn't provide a chart or graph.  For the love, please add this functionality into the scheduling mechanism.

  • Does Orion Solarwinds allow to run custom reports such as, if I wanted to a run a report for a list of Windows Servers that only had SQL and SQL version?

    Please let me know, if this is possible.

    Thanks bunch!!

  • Hi,

    Yes, currently Storage Manager can´t handle custom sql reports or models like report writer in Orion does, for example, this is a report that one administrator has to make monthly but it only can be taken with multiple reports in Storage Manager. This report has 2 diferent reports in it made in excel:

    Report Model.jpg

  • Can you be more specific in what you want Storage Manager reporting to do that it does not do today?  Storage Manager has fairly robust reporting capabilities, so I would like to understand what you think it is lacking.  Brian