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over 1 year ago

Ability to map more than one LUN in manual volume to LUN mapping

 Currently you can only do 1:1 mapping from volume to LUN. It would be great to be able to map a volume to multiple LUNs

  • HI, 

    There may be a simple configuration where one LUN is composed of one volume on the server, but there are many cases where multiple LUNs can be configured as one volume in an environment such as an enterprise.

    There may be a configuration that uses the veritas volume mentioned by peter, and there are many cases that are configured using the OS's volume manager.

    If you can connect the volumes of multiple LUNs and servers as well as the 1: 1 configuration currently supported, you will get much more valuable visibility.

  • Hi  

    We have carved out some LUNs on the backend storage and on the AIX host we've created a volume using Vertias volume manager where this volume consists of more than 1 LUNs hence the reason why we need ability to map more than one LUN. Hope this makes sense. 




    Just curious, what`s your use case for having one volume mapped to multiple LUNs?