Removing SNMP Credentials from added nodes

We are getting setup on Solarwinds and are still in the implementation phase. We will be strictly using WMI but when we did our network discovery and add, the SNMP credentials v1-v2 were not removed prior to the discovery. How can I go back and modify all the nodes or do I need to delete and rediscover?

  • Since you are early on it would be faster to just remove them and re-add. 

    In general you can bulk change nodes from SNMP to WMI by going to manage nodes and multi selecting the nodes you want to change, but if you need to change more than maybe 50 at a time that can be a slow process.

  •  is correct. Though for mass selection; that is where I use the page sizing and sorting along with Custom Properties or at least the Vendor/Machine Type. If you can sort all of the nodes together, you have up to 250 that you can select en-masse without using the Red Link for Selecting Everything when you have more nodes that what is showing on your page.

    Mind you, this is the legacy Manage Nodes page which I still find massive use for.