Volume Capacity Alert for NetApp FileSystem


Good day.

We're trying to create another alert for volume capacity of NetApp FileSystem.

However, we can not find any field for File System as datastore and to come up with the volume capacity alert.

Not sure if this is a limitation from SRM Orion though.

Appreciate your response.

Thank you!

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  • Hi, now I am not sure whether you mean something specific for volume's capacity, but here is a general way of how you can create an alert for volume capacity that is going to be triggered once the volume exceeds its used space more than 90%.

    • So navigate into the alerts and create or manage your existing.
    • Navigate into the second step and setup it following:


    • Click the "Browse all Fields..." link button from the drop down

    pick the option.png

    • Click "Select" button
    • Specify condition


    • Finish the wizard
  • Thank you so much. It helps us a lot. emoticons_happy.png

    Also, additional query on this please.

    We used email for the trigger action. We need to indicate the URL that would direct us to where the alert is.

    We used the Alert Details URL but there's no content when we simulate or execute it. It's blank.

    Volume Capacity alert 2.PNG

  • I am glad I helped you.

    With your further question, I want to be just sure, do you use in the email action definition "${N=Alerting;M=AlertDetailsUrl}" variable? If so, it is correct, and I can confirm that neither Simulate nor Execute will put there any reasonable value (the empty is expected).

    It is because, at that place, there should be real url leading into real alert details. Since the action you are taking (simulate, execute) is only simulating of how it can looks like and the real alert is not triggered, it also does not have any url.

    So just ensure you are really using variable ${N=Alerting;M=AlertDetailsUrl} and in a real alert trigger it should work.