What We're Working On for SRM (Updated: January 30, 2023)

New unified What We're Working On 

With the release of the new unified SolarWinds Platform, we've unified our What We Are Working On to a single post, go there for the latest and greatest.

  • I didnt see this reply at the time sorry Marlie!

    I've not uploaded yet, barely thought about it since I made it tbh, perhaps once it's a little older or if someone else is desperate. I've done a few of these recently and in the storage area they feel very much like a stopgap, hard to make them scale or auto-update nicely

  • Hi Adam, did you post this API Poller on Thwack anywhere? 

    Kind regards, 


  • I saw the feature request sent up from the support case and there is an item open for it in the engineering backlog. Thanks for also posting here so others with similar needs can also chime in. While I can't provide any timelines we are actively looking into the scope of work required to certify this with official support.

  • We currently use NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager (OUM) v9.5 as our NetApp data provider for SRM.  As of version 9.6 OUM is referred to as NetApp Active IQ Unified Manage (AIQUM).  I was able to add AIQUM as a data provider source and it appears to be collecting the data just fine. Future support for AIQUM would be appreciated as OUM is being rebranded as AIQUM.  I have opened a support case and the technician informed me that a feature request was submitted.

  • ty I've upvoted
    I've made an API poller for it if ya struggling

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