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over 1 year ago

Add missing Performance Analysis tabs to Cloud-Based SQL Targets


Several tabs visible in SQL Sentry Performance Analysis (specifically in the Windows client) are missing in cloud-based SQL Server targets, such as Azure SQL Databases and Amazon RDS for SQL Server.

I can understand the lack of OS-based tabs such as "Processes", "Disk Activity", "Disk Space", and even "AlwaysOn". But I see absolutely no reason for the other tabs to be missing.

These being:

  • Indexes
  • Query Plans
  • Blocking SQL
  • Deadlocks
  • QuickTraces

The support / non-support for these tabs for the different target types is quite inconsistent.

For example, Blocking SQL is available for Azure SQL Databases, but not for Amazon RDS for SQL Server.

Deadlocks and Indexes are available for Amazon RDS for SQL Server, but not for Azure SQL Databases.

And the Query Plans tab is not available for both Amazon RDS for SQL Server targets, as well as Azure SQL Databases.

I personally see no reason for this limitation, as this data should be accessible for both platforms.

I'm assuming that similar limitations exist for Azure Synapse DW targets, although I didn't have a chance to experiment with those.


  • It would be best to have "Deadlocks" available for Azure SQL Databases as well, although I understand there are technical difficulties in that regard.

    But "Blocking SQL" missing for Amazon RDS for SQL Server is very weird and very limiting. Please, at least add that.