Is there something like a Power BI content pack for commands?


Just starting with SQL Sentry.  I'm using it with an SSAS Tabular instance.  I'm interested in diving into the commands we capture, but find it challenging to go about that.  I think something like a Power BI content pack focusing on commands (or SQL queries) would be great.  I'm not necessarily trying to review all queries, but it would be awesome to be able to see measures like CPU, Duration, Formula/Storage engine, Rows, etc., by user, time, database, etc.  Then drill down as anomalies are identified (i.e., one user has very high CPU, see their queries).  I've tried the SSRS reports a bit, but Power BI would be ideal.


  • Hi Scott,

    While there isn't a Power BI pack with that focus, it sounds like you can achieve a lot of what you're describing by using the Grouping functionality in the grid controls within the SQL Sentry Client. For example, you can drag the Login column up into the section just above to group by that dimension. Each master row includes summary information for all queries like cumulative duration, CPU, etc. for that user. You can then expand that row to drill into the detail rows for each command. Hope this helps.


  • Thanks Steve, that's a good idea.  I'll give it a try.