What We’re Working on for SQL Sentry (Updated April 2023)

We are extremely excited to have SQL Sentry join the SolarWinds database solutions portfolio. We’re also excited about what we’re working on for SQL Sentry! Your comments and feedback are vital. They help ensure our product efforts align with the problems you need to solve. Please feel free to ask us anything about our plans for SQL Sentry in the comments below.

  • Deployment & Scalability 
    • SQL Sentry’s enterprise installation/upgrade experience is being updated to provide greater speed and stability
  • Features
    • Session-level wait analytics 
    • Wait time anomaly detection
    • Orion Integration - surface SQL Sentry health data on the Orion dashboard
    • Integrations platform - send SQL Sentry alerts to Pager Duty and ServiceNow
    • Enhanced Health Overview - see important events intelligently surfaced to your Health Overview page

Since the acquisition of SentryOne by SolarWinds, a lot of development work has gone into SQL Sentry®The chart below shows some of the more significant features and enhancements developed by the team, dating back to 2021, and provides insight into what the team is working on for future releases. 

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