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over 1 year ago

Service Catalog - Dependent Variable Group

It would be great if I could add multiple dependent drop down variables are have all of them show to allow data to be entered.  Sort of a Group of questions dependent on what is asked.

Example I might ask Delete a student based on several variables and if I answer one of them I want 3 additional questions to be answered.  If I pick another one I only need 1 additional question.

If I pick multiple variables I only see one at a time - would like an option for all the variables to be seen and filled out.

  • Have been waiting for this feature as well. Will definitely improve the workflow quality.

  • I would also like to know if this is being looked at for development.  It would definitely allow for a more streamlined look and feel to the service catalog. 

  • I've been looking for a more comprehensive dependent variable solution than what's currently offered as well. It seems that perhaps SWSD defines this variable differently than what I'm expecting. I'm not sure. I know when I try to use the dependent variable now and go to test, it does not do what I expect at all.

  •   is it possible to let us know if this is something that is being considered at the moment. I am really finding this a blocker to a pleasant user experience. I have looked at your list of suggestions that are in the pipeline and there are none showing. It would be nice to know if this is going to be looked at. Happy to provide some examples so you can see how problematic the current set up is.



  • I agree, it would be great to be able to say if I select "x", then specific boxes appear. For example, I am trying to set up a software request process. I would like to say "is this a new supplier", if yes, then I want the following boxes to appear to be filled in: supplier name, supplier address, annual spend etc.

    Also, it would be useful if the dependent variable box could be named differently. For example, if I want to say "is this a new supplier", I would like my answer to be yes or no. However at the moment, the dependent box, would then just say yes and wouldn't make sense to complete, so I actually have to have yes - input supplier name.