This is now possible via our dynamic forms and field logic functionality. You can read up more on it here

Service Catalog - Dependent Variable Group

It would be great if I could add multiple dependent drop down variables are have all of them show to allow data to be entered.  Sort of a Group of questions dependent on what is asked.

Example I might ask Delete a student based on several variables and if I answer one of them I want 3 additional questions to be answered.  If I pick another one I only need 1 additional question.

If I pick multiple variables I only see one at a time - would like an option for all the variables to be seen and filled out.

  • If there can be some response from SolarWinds about the status of this request, that would be really fantastic. We're getting a lot of complaints from users about how complicated a lot of our service request workflows are for them and I thought that dependent drop-downs could be the answer to streamline things but it won't work if only one field can be generated per drop-down.  It feels incredibly limited for a use case that is so commonly encountered.  It also feels ridiculously limited that we can't have a field generate that isn't the same name as the option chosen to generate it? I feel like having a Yes or No question that generates a new field is also a super common situation in ANY form building so I'm a bit puzzled as to why it was limited like this. As stated in a previous comment in this thread, this simple, basic thing is a huge blocker towards a pleasant user experience. Please let us know if this is something you're working on.

  • This branching functionality also needs to be able to go several layers deep.

  • Have been waiting for this feature as well. Will definitely improve the workflow quality.

  • I would also like to know if this is being looked at for development.  It would definitely allow for a more streamlined look and feel to the service catalog. 

  • I've been looking for a more comprehensive dependent variable solution than what's currently offered as well. It seems that perhaps SWSD defines this variable differently than what I'm expecting. I'm not sure. I know when I try to use the dependent variable now and go to test, it does not do what I expect at all.