We recently released a Teams integration and continue to invest in adding more functionality around it. Teams and Slack Integrations

Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft has massively accelerated development of its Teams platform over the last couple of years and many organisations now use it as a major element of their day to day workflow, communications and collaboration. For our part, we have a Team whereby users can request help from the IT support team. It also acts as community of sorts and sometimes results in users helping each other (yay - Level Zero support!)

Anyway - it would be great if SWSD could integrate with Teams (e.g. as it currently does with Salesforce Chatter). 

Taking things further, maybe a chatbot in Teams could try to resolve a user's issue with reference to the Solutions in Samanage, as well as giving the option to raise a ticket. Ongoing conversations could then take place simultaneously in Teams and SWSD.

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  • The latter part of your request seems doable with Azure and is somethign we are looking into as well wwhere users could use that to find information and s to more simple questions, so we can focus on more technical issues, AND if they cannot find the infomration, they can trigger ticket creation.