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Catalog Permissions

Can we restrict catalog items to specific groups?

For example only users that are part of a payroll group should be able to make a service request for a certain type of IT / Technical action.

  • Yes I have heard about using the security but it would be nice to just have a "Visible"  box at the catalog item and then check box for a group or users that can see it.  Different method for same results (and I think easier).  

  • This is what we do.  For example we have a category that's only visible to IT, and another that's only visible to HR.  It's more roles to maintain but it works.

  • I think this is possible in a roundabout way.  You need separate roles AND categories for this.  You create your normal user role and add a restriction for categories you do not want them to see.  Then create a 2nd role, likely very similar to your standard role, but don't assign the restriction the category.  Then in the service catalog, make sure these options are listed under the proper categories.  If they don't have access to the category, they won't see that option.

    It is kind of a lot and i would agree there should 100% be a better way to do this.  But if you need it now, that should work. 

  • I agree with this very highly. I should be able to have service requests that can only be requested by supervisors. To me this is crucial and should be marked as urgent.

  • We've had several needs for this.  We put the restrictions in the service request description, but it would be nice to automate it.