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Auto Attach Computer to Ticket

We have the agent installed on all of our machines.  It would be nice if there was some way, when using the portal, that the computer they are submitting on would be auto attached to the ticket.  It is nice to be able to go to Related > Attach > Configuration Item and attach the computer.  It allows for easy historical tracking and seeing how many tickets that PC has been a problem in.  However, getting techs to take those steps is hit or miss.  Even for myself.  Even if this has to be some separate plugin for chrome/edge i would be okay with that as getting the proper asset info into the ticket would be extremely helpful. 

  • I somewhat disagree here.  If you are going to be asking them to tell you if its related to the computer or not then they should also just be able to tell you the computer.  We have a field for them to enter computer name, vast majority do not actually enter in the name here.  They will type in their name, or "N/A" or "???" and it's not really all the useful.  Sure we have other ways to figure out what computer they are on but this portion should require zero input from end users. I would rather us, on the agent side, determine if the computer then needs to be attached to the ticket or not and can remove it if we so choose.  not a huge downside to having a computer attached to a ticket that maybe it doesn't need to be, but there is massive downside to not having the computer attached to the incident when it should be. 

  • I really like this idea but specifically how it's implemented would be crucial.  For instance, only some percentage of incidents relate to the computer that the incident was reported from.  So from a UI perspective perhaps the ability for the user to indicate that the incidents is related to "this machine," and/or from the service agent side of things it could have a quick way to attach the user's computer(s) to the incident.  As it stands today we search the user, find their computer, and attach to the incident.  Human beings just aren't good at doing this kind of thing.  For many service catalog items, we actually have "attach CI to request" as the first process step to force the agent to consider it.