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Add Process Integrations to Actions in Automation Rules

Please add Process Integrations as an Action in Automation Rules. This would be a powerful addition to the built in automations in the same way that it currently is within the Service Catalog process. It would allow for things like commenting on tickets, notifying external systems, etc.

For example, we have a number of automations using the API. Currently, we're required to request data from the SWSD API at regular intervals to detect changes in certain incidents, service requests, and devices. If Process Integrations were available in the Automation Rules, we could just send an HTTP POST to alert that an update was made to a ticket, save 1000s of API calls a day, and reduce the delay between a change and the response to that change.

  • Yes, I was looking for this, expecting it to already be a feature. I was surprised it wasn't. Seems like it it's available in one place, it would also be available in similar contexts. Would be extremely useful for chaining tasks.