Add "Impersonate User" button to SWSD

Hey team! 

This is a very "ServiceNow" Esque feature but it's one we're getting a few requests from our client base, I'm wondering what THWACKsters think. 

When adding and removing users to Groups/RBAC roles in SolarWinds Service Desk, the ability to "Impersonate a User" would be excellent for SolarWinds Service Desk Admins to see if the changes made had the desired impact. For example, we had a user the other day place a staff member into an admin role temporarily but there was another role that was a more restrictive role that prevented the user from seeing what we wanted them to see. (There were other reasons for it not working but not the point). 

If we were able to impersonate the end-user experience it'd save us proposing solutions and getting users to test fixes for us. We could make sure our changes were working before asking the user to perform UAT. Increase the likelihood for first call resolution etc. 

Screenshot below