Open for Voting

Ability to reactivate a service request task.

Since the task completion is a simple checkbox in some views, I've had my agents accidentally mark a task complete when it really isn't.  In this case, this closed the entire service request when it wasn't done.  This resulted in angry user questions, understandably.

I know that completing a task can kick off the next part of the process, and this presents a logic problem, but it would be really good for an admin to be able to reset a service request to a specific point in the process if a task was closed by accident.

  • I agree that there would be some details to work out to make this work effectively, but we run into this all the time.  At least with Change records we can restart a process.

    I would also like to see the ability to capture some input upon task completion.  Long run the ability to branch based on task input, short term just the ability to enter some text.  For example, did you complete the task as written, or was it "N/A"?