User Provisioning and Multiple Changes

I noticed today that if there are multiple changes to a users Azure AD profile, only one of the fields will be updated.

If we change a users job title in Azure AD, the user profile gets will be updated in SWSD on the next provisioning refresh

If we change a users job title and department in Azure AD, only the job title will be updated in SWSD but not the department (which does already exist in SWSD)

Is this a limitation with SWSD or the Microsoft integration, or do we have something in the integration configured wrong?

  • Howdy ,

    That's an interesting issue I have never seen before. I've set up countless provisions and it can sync as many fields at a time as needed. To answer your questions of limitation and ownership, this is a Microsoft Enterprise App. SolarWinds is on the listening side of this integration, just receiving the API call.

    Have you tried making a few updates and testing with the Provision on Demand feature within Azure? Is it consistent with both the auto sync and the Provision on Demand?

    Have you seen any errors or notifications in the Azure logs?

    I hope this helps.