My Tasks Default View

I need certain columns to be displayed when my team are looking at the My Tasks screen. I can't find a way to amend the system default version of this screen. I can create a new view myself and call it something else and then set as a default for myself and also then share the view with specific individuals, but this is too cumbersome an approach.

Is there any way of doing this globally?

  • Howdy ,

    The method you mentioned is the only real way to "publish" a view for others. The goal is to allow technicians to create their own experience so they can work with what is most comfortable for them. We find this helps with productivity and efficiencies. You should also be able to share a view with a group, not just individuals. 

    If you'd like, you can always submit this as a feature request. There may already be the suggestion out there, so take a look and give it a vote or create a new one.