System fields in Incident resolve

Does anyone know where the system fields are stored and if they can be modified in the service desk, so when an incident is resolved i have set up a custom field called solution which is mandatory and I want to either remove the system field "description" or make this field mandatory when resolving an incident

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  • There are many places, depending on the field. Some examples are:

    • Setup>Service Desk>Categories - Here you can decide to make categories mandatory or optional. 
    • Setup>Global Settings>Service Portal - Here, you can edit the labels on portal sections and choose to make some fields mandatory, optional or even hidden/visible.
    • Setup>Global Settings>Service Desk Settings - There are many toggles in here, but also options to make the Resolution Codes mandatory, as well as edit the list.

    You can also try reviewing the SolarWinds Service Desk Administrator Guides

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