the translated message on web and on emails were wrong - wonder if Solarwinds would improve it by a local person?

the messages on web and emails have 50% are totally wrong in Vietnamese. I believe it was done by translation tool. Wonder if Solarwinds would improve it by a local person?

Service Desk is a platform for local users who are not good in English. But the translated text is totally wrong, so it is back drawn as users don't understand at all! I took an example: the "incident's state changes to..." --> it translated to the meaning as "the government changes issue" ....

  • Looking forward to Solar Winds Product Team's response. 

  • Hi , sorry for the delay here. We would love to get these translations fixed for you. If you could provide us the translations that are wrong and with the correct translations, we will work towards getting them fixed. The best way for us to do this would be via our support channel,, so we can easily track its progress with each other. Please open a ticket with them and send me the ticket number so we can get it in the right hands. 

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    Joey Brown

    Senior Product Manager