Automation Rules - Order of Operations

I have a bunch of automation rules that are assigning based on Requester / User = So say I have 5 of these rules

1. Rule from email server alert - Assign to Email Team

2. Rule from backup server alert - Assign to Storage Team

3. Rule from database server alert - Assign to DBA Team

4. Rule from Zabbix server alert - Assign to Monitoring Team

5. Default Rule - Assign to HelpDesk Team

I assumed that the rules would process 1 - 5. So if Rule 3 caught it and reassigned the ticket to "DBA Team", then Rule 5's condition of "Assignee / User [Not Set]" would not execute. But it does! When I look at the Audit trail on the ticket. It seems like all the rules kind of run at once, or with no sense of order. 

Example rule below

The final "Catch All" Rule