Help please with variables to use in an ad-hoc email from the change process catalogue!

Hi clever people!

I am trying to send an email to the change requester to inform him that the change requested has been approved/denied. I would like to include some details in the email but {{change_info}} returns blank information.

Can anyone recommend working variables?


  • Are you able to use a custom notification template instead of an ad-hoc email in your situation?

    {{change_info}} doesn't seem to be supported in the body section of a notification, but I think it should work if you were to create a custom notification based on the 'Generic Email Template' and then include {{change_info}} in the 'Email Layout' section of the template:

    In the Email Body Text section you could also define custom variable(s) and then provide values for them when you generate the notification from the process automation.

    In the email template:

    In the 'Send Notification' dialog within the process automation:

    The resulting email notification:

  • Thanks, Mike. It seems so obvious now!

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