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Embed Sound files in Solutions in SWSD

We're setting up a Knowledge Base in SWSD. Some of the words used in the Solutions are hard to pronounce, and we want to let the users click for an audible pronunciation. Is there a way to do this? 

BTW, I know very little about SWSD, just introduced to it a couple of weeks ago. Be gentle. 

  • Hi! First off, welcome to SWSD and I think you'll find our community is very supportive. Currently, there isn't a way to do this within the app but I imagine there are some 3rd party browser tools that can help them out. 

    Couple tips:

    1. The SWSD community mostly chats over in our product forum. You will get quicker responses there - SWSD Forum
    2. This type of ask is a great thing to add to our feature request area. This is where we look as we build out the roadmap - SWSD Feature Requests