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Nesting automation rules

Is it possible to have multiple automation rules occur on a incident after its created.   In my case we have the SolarWinds Orion integration setup.  What i would like to happen first is that on ticket creation it performs the following actions:

- Add a tag
- Set a standard Category/Subcategory
- Set a specific assignee

This step has no issues completing alone.

After this first action is completed I am attempting to have a secondary automation rule run on this, tried both with and without the time based automation rules but unable to get this to trigger. 

First use case is alerts that come from the system for installing windows updates.  I am using the Keyword Regex logic to find these incidents.  One these I am:

- Adding an additional tag
- Updating the Category/Subcategory to our patching tickets. 
- Updating the assignee based on text in the description (pulled from regex, we have about 10 different groups they go to) 
- Updating the Due date 

Trying to get this rule to run after the initial does not work.  If i create generally the same rule and have it trigger without the first rule it works (verifies the regex is good).  So it just seems to be the issue of having a secondary rule run on an incident.  The time based rules, using the changed "FROM" and "TO" rules, also playing with the object updated, created, or just custom and I can not figure out a method to get this to work.  

Any suggestions?  If you need to see my setup i can create some clean examples later. 

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  • Our roadmap plans include two future enhancements that could help your use case:

    • Triggering (and executing) multiple automation rules on the same event
    • Triggering automation rules on system updates…