Remove Suggestions From Dropdown Menus

Something that our users have complained about is the auto-generated suggestions section of any dropdown. It gets in the way and interrupts the flow of reading down an alphabetical list. Is there any way for these suggestions to be disabled?

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  • I would say about 80% of the time the suggestions are not accurate and cause us to have to look through the entire list anyway instead of being able to just quickly scan through the full list. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't pull those suggestions out from the full list too. We just want to be able to disable them and have it be a standard list sorted alphabetically.

  • If you have someone you work with in Customer Success, I would ask them to look over this with you. That isn't great to hear, since the whole point of the Smart Suggestions is for them to be... Smart. 

    If they were accurate 80% of the time, instead of the other way around, would you like them?

    As for disabling them, today it isn't possible. But this is a great candidate for a feature request.

  • An issue our users have reported is not that the suggestions aren't useful, but that they tend to lag when they load - they'll be typing, see what they want in the original, alphabetized menu, go to click that and then the smart suggestions will load slightly after while they are moving and it is pretty jarring. Wanted to add my two cents in.