Unwanted Views won't stay deleted... and won't rename!

There are a horrible bunch of Incident list views which I cannot make go away. They're unwanted and have awful column layouts and are the ones which came with the product out the box. I tried renaming them with a ZZ_ at the beginning so they appear at the bottom of the list: it doesn't even take. I delete them, and they're gone for about 30 seconds. I change the column layouts, and they come back to where they were.

Now I understand why this might have been done; I can't be the only one who once deleted the "All Incidents" view and could not get that view back using filters. (I believe you can, now).

BUT - this is an awful solution. It means I cannot manage my list of views the way I want to and have a neat, tidy list with only the stuff I need in it.

Please help?

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