SOS - Azure Provisioning Completely Locked Out our Accounts

I made a stupid error somewhere along the way trying to make a change to our Solarwinds Service Desk provisioning in AzureAD and when it synced it disabled all 5 of our Administrator accounts, which in-turn, also disabled my API key.

We have no "local" non-SSO accounts on our instance that I know of, so without a functioning API key we are just 100% locked out of our service desk.

Support has been useless so far and said they don't think they are able to re-enable my account.

I have a critical "systems down" ticket open and it's still 1-2 hours between email responses with no phone support available, and apparently our Account Rep no longer works for Solarwinds.

The service desk is about to close for the day since they're on East Coast time, and I'm extremely desperate here.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Surely someone on the back-end can re-enable my account. If not we're just permanently locked out of Solarwinds which seems ridiculous.

  • It took 4 hours for Samanage support to re-enable a single account on our tenant, which is ultimately all I needed.

    The solution to this is always making sure you have a NON-SSO backdoor admin account on your tenant so this doesn't happen to you.

    Whoever set up our initial samanage instance (they're long gone now) did not put any "local" administrator accounts in, all our administrator accounts were tied to Azure AD provisioning, which was a MAJOR issue as you need an ENABLED samanage administrator account with API access to be able to modify provisioning, and once all our SSO accounts got disabled by provisioning, my API key ceased to function, so we were completely 100% locked out of our instance with no phone support available. Which sucked, majorly.