Solarwinds Discovery Agent MSI File?

I am wanting to push the discovery agent through InTune, but there is only an EXE file.  Is there any word on a MSI being released?

If I use Microsofts Win32 Prep tool, it makes what I need, but I don't know what to put in for the installer and uninstaller(GUID).  

Win32 app management in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

I found this on the Solarwinds site but I think line 3 for silent install for windows is missing information.  It says use this command with these switches, and there is nothing there.

Discovery Agent Installation (

I would like to be able to push out new updates of the discovery agent through InTune for all our remote employee's in mass, as opposed to currently of having to remote in one at a time.  

  • I dont know if you can do this in intune, but we use a batch file to silently update the agent, but using group policy.


    "installer.exe" --mode unattended

    For remote users, I use a scheduled task instead. Push out the installer to temp folder, push out scheduled task to run installer unattended.