"Expected Delivery Time" in Service Catalog showing random "stuff"

I believe this may be a "bug" or "unplanned randomness in execution".

All of my SC items have an "Expected Delivery Time" set to blank - i.e. never set to anything. And yet the column in the list is showing a seemingly random number of days for some, blank for others, and text entered into the field on others - e.g. "N/A".

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour and/or tell me how to fix it?

  • The value of "Expected Delivery Time" when left blank is calculated automatically by the total of days added together from each task in the workflow.  So if a Request Item has 3 tasks and each is set to be "due in" 1 day, the system will list the Request with an Expected Delivery Time of 3 days.  If you want this entry to be blank, make sure each task in the workflow doesn't include a "due in" value.