Portal Quick Requests pulling data from platform tickets

Our district is experiencing a large number of damaged devices being brought back to IT staff to be sent out for repairs with our Vendors. There are some mandatory fields that I have set up in our systems to identify the devices that are needed for reporting, such as serial, model, room, damage caused by, and a picture. The issue my staff is experiencing is the amount of time it takes to create tickets for multiple referral tickets. I have set up some quick requests on the portal side but have noticed some issues with the way those tickets pull data from the platform side of the ticket. There are fields that I added to the service catalog that correlate to the ticket items on the platform and made them mandatory so it will be easier to create those tickets. The issue there is once those tickets are created on the portal side my staff can not just close them as it asked for the same mandatory information on the platform side before allowing them to close the ticket. My question is how and where does the back end of the portal view tickets creations correlate this data to the front end of the platform of the tickets so the data that was entered on the portal view by making quick requests can be duplicated when my staff is closing the ticket? How do we submit multiple tickets for damaged devices that will give the ability for my staff to still enter in the mandatory data that is needed at the same time save time by entering multiple tickets for damaged devices that will be referred to our vendors? 

  • I have tried to reach out to support but the chat feature is no longer working, it was great to get someone on chat to get quick support. I have tried to reach out to our rep but was told SolarWids lost its employees and we no longer have a rep, basically we have to deal with no support. I called several times but was given the runaround and going back and forth between people and no one knew who I needed to talk to. Jus trying to see if I can engage with someone in the community to pick their brain as we are left out on an island to fend for ourselves here in VA.