Azure AD User Provisioning

Very new to SolarWinds Service Desk, but cannot find an answer to my question.  

My company implemented Solar Winds Service Desk and uses the Enterprise App for SSO and it is working fine. But the Azure AD integration does not appear to have ever been setup.  So when we receive new tickets in the system, SW appears to automatically create a Requester user account using the email address from the user that submitted the email.  We now want to use Azure AD provisioning to import other details for the Requesters (full name, manager, dept...).

I just wanted to understand if it will update the current list of users that were automatically added to the Solar Winds system with the mapped fields to Azure AD.  Or will it create new users from AD? Or delete the existing users and create new ones?  I couldn't find this scenario explained anywhere.


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  • You need to login into the AAD and search for the "Samanage" Enterprise application in my case. After you configure the API, attached is a list of the attribute mapping we used in my organization…

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