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Is there any way to define end user audiences and have them see different content in the portal?

I work at a college's tech help desk and we support students, faculty, and staff. It would be really helpful if we could tailor the portal to only show each group of people the information that pertains to them.

We have all the information of who is in each group in our Active Directory and it would be even more helpful if we could leverage that info to set each user's view and permissions.

I've read in some document from SWSD that it could be possible to do "department-specific layouts" which could be a rough approximation, but there's no reference to that in the documentation that I can find.

Is something like this even possible in SWSD?

  • Hi Zoe.  Yes, this is possible.  It requires creating separate Security Roles for each of the groups and associating the Solutions and/or Service Catalog items with default fields like Department, Category, Subcategory, and sites and then adding restrictions to the Roles so users can only view corresponding items.  Most likely your organization has a CSM (customer success manager at SolarWInds)who manages you as a customer.  Speak with your administrator about who this is and reach out to them if you need more help.