Automation Rules -- Cookbook

I have been heavily involved with the automation rules at my organization for SWSD to help reduce the tasks that could be automated. I wanted to start a discussion thread to share what automations others have put into place. I will probably post more of these as I have time, but here is one that is simple, and I really like.

Closed / No Contact State. -- Out of the box I noticed there is no option to close a ticket that no longer needs communication or response. A common use case for us are things like duplicate tickets, phishing notifications, or AD reports that Help Desk needs to look at where this is no actual user involvement.

1. I created a new State called "Closed - No Contact"

2. Created a new category called "No Contact Closure" for reporting purposes.

3. Made sure that the category is "No Contact Closure" is not set to send a survey within Service Desk Settings > Default Survey Delivery Settings. 

4. Checked Notifications to be sure that a closed status doesn't send a notification.

5. A) Trigger: Object Updated

B) Scope: Incident / Service Request

C) Conditions: Value updated to / State (Closed No Contact)

D) Actions: Change Category: No Contact; Change State to Closed.

  • This is a good one!  I like your idea about a cookbook - wouldn't it be great if there was a place to find different examples of different automation rules that people have used they wouldn't mind sharing?  Most folks have similar needs and being able to look at what others have done would be a great time saver.

  • Thank you! Automations were one of the major key elements for my workplace to move into this product. There is so much to learn, and more to build!

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