Service Desk Question for Onboarding Task

We are in the process of implementing Solarwinds IT Service Desk and I was wondering if any one could share the ways they use the ticketing system for New Hire (onboarding) request? Such as the process of assigning each involved department a task task to be required to be completed, then a final sign-off by HR or another finalizing dept. head.

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  • Hi Jessica.  Most of our customers would use the Service Catalog to create a request form for entering a request to start the process for a new hire.  Then, in the request itself, use the Workflow builder to map out your process including Approval requests and Tasks for each step that requires someone to do actual work.  Tasks can be concurrent or serial in nature and, using the Condition Sets feature, you can have some tasks be conditional based off of values selected at the time of request submission.

  • I would follow your current onboarding process and put this in a Service Catalog Process so users can adapt easily :) It's different for each team/organization so the fields, tasks, and approvals would be different. 

    I found this video very useful when I was creating my own process -

    The SW lab guys are very good at explaining things so I'd recommend following them too :P