I want to select a custom field as a column in my change list for the purpose of sorting chronologically

I've created a custom field called CAB Date, giving users the ability to select the date the change is to be reviewed by the change advisory board. I want to be able to add this custom field as a column in my Change List View so I can sort chronologically by CAB Date. I'm currently unable to select a custom field, is there anything I can do to include this or will this need to be a feature request?

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  • Sorry for the delay in response. Custom fields do not show up when creating a new change catalog item and only show up when requesting a change. This is something we are working towards changing with the move from process fields to custom fields. 

    So while you can not see the custom field while creating a change catalog item, it will display when requesting as long as it is attached to the change form under Setup - Service Desk - Custom Forms. Can you confirm that you are seeing this custom field when you go to request the change catalog item?