Leverage Automation to Review Solutions on a regular basis


I'm working on increasing the health of my organization's solution knowledge base. Has anyone figured out a way to leverage automations in SolarWinds Service Desk to bring solutions up for review every 6 months or so?

It would be great if we could set the system to assign our team a task to update a solution that hasn't been touched in more than 6 months. And have that happen for every solution every six months.

I've looked in the automation section of setup but it looks like you can only create automations on incidents, service requests, or changes. Can you attach them to solutions?

And can you add custom fields to solutions?

Thanks for the help!

  • Hi ,

    There isn't a way to automate this via automations but you can do the following:

    • Create a reoccurring scheduled service catalog item to run every 3 months (I know you said 6 months but I'll explain later why I am recommending 3 months)
    • In that service catalog item you can have a task that fires off to the correct group or individual that says to check the for non-updated solutions
    • On the solutions page you can create a saved view with a filter that shows solutions that have not been updated in the last 90 days. The highest running date range we have is 90 days, hence why I recommend running the service catalog item every 3 months. 
    • The team or individual can then go through that list and update each solution until the saved view is empty

    Let me know if this solution works for you and if you need help setting any of those pieces up!



  • Thanks Joey, I'll propose this to my team and see what they think.