Email notification when task assigned

Our service desk will often assign tasks out to Systems support to complete items that they know need completing but don't have permissions or expertise to complete. This method helps keep the incident ownership with the service desk. Unfortunately, SWSD does not notify the task assignee that they have been assigned a task and so there is little accountability for escalation points to respond in a timely fashion. A notification is posted to the notification area within SWSD, but if you do not LIVE inside SWSD, that section is rarely paid attention to. 

I've looked over the notification options on my account level, and also searched the forum and have not found this use case mentioned. Is there a way to have an email sent to the task assignee when a task is assigned to them?

  • You are able to send email notifications to task assignees when there is a new task created for them or if a task was reassigned from or to them. You can find these under Setup - Service Desk - Notifications. You will be looking for the three options named Task Created via Incident, Task Created via Workflow, and Task Reassigned. 

    Let me know if this doesn't resolve your issue!

    -Joey Brown