'Subject' field renamed to 'Title' when creating a new ticket?

Can someone please clarify why this field description was changed?

I'm not sure when this happened, but my doco from a few months ago has a screen shot still showing 'Subject' instead of 'Title'.



'Subject' seems far more logical/familiar to people, like an email's Subject.

I only noticed the change because a few people have started entering tickets with their Job Title entered in that field! Smiley

If there is some you-beaut reason why it had to be changed to 'Title', a hint should be added in brackets - similar to the 'Requester' hint.
eg Title (Briefly describe the actual issue you're reporting).

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  • Good to see that engineering was able to fix the bug that was introduced when we released the new ticket design on the portal. 

    While I understand wanting to have the platform form look the same as the portal, the feature is designed to change the portal view and not the platform view. We do this as some fields need to be named one way for end users and need to be named another way for agents. We will take into consideration being able to change the names of default fields on the platform side in the future. This would be a great feature request to post in our feature request section of THWACK!