Service Catalog Assigning Agent Based on Requester's Site

Hi - Our IS&T team is expanding our request form to be used by our facilities team that is more site centric on service requests.  I have a single request form for facilities that has multiple service request field in drop downs.

When a requester submits the form I want to leverage their Site information to auto assign to the agent that is responsible for managing that site.  I've tried condition set as shown below, but in the audit log it shows resolving the request with a resolution code of done.

Any guidance would be appreciated, thxs Simon

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  • Joel thxs.  It's a fairly short workflow now, just focused on the assignment rules.  I'm using a Group - "Facilities" on the false condition set.  I have several agents in that Facilities group that are responsible of sites outside of Cambridge.  

  • I suspect your instance is configured to Resolve Service Requests at the end of the workflow.  This is a global configuration found in Setup here:

    So, one option would be to turn off this setting.  However, it is possible that you WANT this feature on for most or all of the rest of your Service Request items.  So, switching that off might not be an option for you.  If not, then you'll need to add a Task as the last item on this workflow, assigning it to the ticket assignee, instructing them to "close this task once the request is resolved" so that the SR will automatically more to resolve after that task is closed.

    Alternatively, you could use an Automation rule to assign this particular request based off of the requester's site and not have a workflow associated with it at all.