Software query capabilities are pretty bad

Here's your task:

You want to remove Java from your environment.  In order to do this effectively, you need to find all of the machines that have some version of Java installed so that you can analyze the problem, and ultimately begin removal efforts.  Login to the Service Desk and produce a list of machines that have Java installed.  I'll see you in a few hours.

1. For software like this, there are dozens of potential versions, and each one is a unique software.

2. Global search for something like Java* works, if you want to wade through 298 results, and click each relevant one to see computers.

3. You can use the Software Inventory and filter on all of the software versions you want.  This will tell you how many machines each one is installed on, which is better, but you still have to click each one to see where it's installed.  Alternatively, you can filter on Tag which is slightly easier, and hope that things were tagged right....but there's no real good way to manage tags overall that isn't mind-numbingly labor intensive.

4. Custom reports could solve this, because there is literally a report to see where a software is installed!  But alas, it will only allow you to pick one software at a time.

This is something that an asset management system should be good at.  My $0.02.  Maybe I'm missing something.

  • Hi,

    I am the product manager that is over the asset management portion of the service desk app and I'm glad you brought this up. 

    You are right that getting this type of information out of our app isn't the easiest. We have historically broken apart each version of a software to give you complete visibility into what is in your organization but that makes it hard to do what you are looking to do. Tags makes this data easier to get but like you mentioned you have to make sure you've tagged each version of the software and hope you dont miss anything. 

    I have been talking with my engineering team about ways we can improve the way software assets work in our app so this post is perfect timing. Would you be open to having a quick 30 minute call to discuss the way you are using the software section of the app and the problems you are running into?