How to assign an incident to a group rather than to a person through email when making an API call

Hi guys,

I am creating a google form which creates a SAmanage incident when the form submits and using Apps Script to call the SAmanage api. Here is the doc: In the sample payload, there is a property called assignee that takes in an object which only has the property "email". While this is useful, I was wondering how can I assign a ticket to a group rather than a singular person. 


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  • And of course as soon as I post that I realize what Mitch was saying - there isn't an assignee section in this case, you just use assignee_id at the level that you'd normally use the section of assignee.  Which is odd because that's completely different than assigning to an email, in which case you DO nest the email in the assignee section (this is how the API documentation reads, and there is no mention of using this different structure to assign by assignee_id.

    So once I took out the entire assignee section, and replaced it with the single assignee_id attribute, then it worked.  Sorry I didn't notice that 30 seconds BEFORE I posted that.  :-)

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