Asset Manager Discovery Scanner on remote VLAN not shown under scanners

I have our first scanner on the VLAN. We have a remote facility on the 192.168.50 VLAN. I've tried installing a second scanner on this remote VLAN and it will not show in the Discovery & Assets > Scanners section. We've uninstalled/reinstalled the scanning agent, verified that the subnets can see each other, verified no blocks from the firewall...everything that we can think of.

Any thoughts as to what we're overlooking?

Unfortunately the documentation is fairly light when it comes to troubleshooting.

  • Hi Ernesto.  The first thing to check when you have installed the Discovery Scanner and it is not showing up in your Service Desk is to make sure that Port 443 is available on the server where you installed the Discovery Scanner.  It is required so that the Scanner can communicate with your instance.  If you verify this and the Scanner still isn't showing up, I would suggest you open a ticket with support.