Asset Inventory

We have solar winds but we do not use ServiceDesk.

Can we get asset inventory from our network?

If we can run the asset inventory tool (if available) will it take a lot of bw? 

Thanks in advance


  • What Solarwinds products do you own and what types of things do you want to inventory? Server & Application Monitor, Network Configuration Manager, and Server Configuration Monitor all have some built in Asset Inventory. 

  • I could not get any info in Help to see the version or what it has. But, I see under Dashboard it has




    Network Configuration

    We have a separate Asset Inventory product but that does not discover any new assets it is so freakin weird. You need to manually enter the assets. So, I want to run an inventory on our network to find out the computers, devices, keyboards, mice, printers etc.. to ensure that we have a all the assets in the list.

    Hope this helps?

  • Hello.  In Orion, navigate to Settings>All Settings>License Manager.  This page will show you which Orion applications you own.

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