I'm not seeing a way to add a filtered Incident list (aka "Views") to my dashboard... is there one?

I have a couple custom views for different lists of Incidents. 

Don't see a way to add them to my dashboard.

Is there really no way to do this?

  • Hi There, Today you can only reach from the reports/dashboard to the incident Index and not the other way around.
    Can you explain the use case here? what's the rational behind taking the incident index view and move it to the dashboard? for what reason?
    Did you try using a 'blank widget' with a list view mode to accomplish your use case? if yes, why wasn't it good enough for your needs?

    TIA, Amir, part of the ITSM product team

  • One workaround is to generate an RSS feed from your filtered list view and then use the RSS URL in a "RSS Feed" Widget on your dashboard.