Using variable data in a process request title

Our team is attempting to mature our change management process in a way that doesn't require tons of meetings and overload the CAB with tasks. We've found that approvals automatically appear in the Tasks dashboard, however because the process name in the template is "Approval Process" or "Approvals" the dashboard looks like this: 

It would be immensely helpful to be able to pull the name of the change into the name of the process flow such as "Approval Request: {{ChangeName}}" but I have not been able to locate any documentation on including variables in anything but a service request. 

Is this possible today and I'm just missing something or should I be logging a feature request?

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  • Hey ,

    You can create a custom title for Change Catalog Items just like you can with Service Catalog.  This is done by clicking 'Add Custom Title' and then clicking 'Add Variables'.

    If you’re doing an ad-hoc change, you would have to use the Process Integration in the workflow which is a little more in-depth.



  • Hi

    Thanks for the response, but I think you're referring the the title of the change itself. That part is understood, and doesn't help this problem. I'm looking to have the Process title include the title of the change, custom or standard. This is significant because after the change is submitted and the CAB needs to respond to multiple changes over the course of a week, it becomes very difficult to keep track of each change unless you respond to them immediately. Most people batch administrative tasks like this and being able to view the actual change subject in the Tasks dashboard is very convenient. Today the only way that I know to accomplish this is for the Change Author/Requestor to manually modify the process title to include either the subject/name of the change or some other descriptor in that field. 

  • Very sorry for that .  I should have had my second cup of coffee before responding to this on a Monday morning.  You are correct that it is not possible to accomplish this today.  This is definitely a feature request that we will need to get to our Product team to review.  I'll be sure to submit that today.