SW Service Desk and Calendar


Does anyone know if there is an integration tool that would allow us to scheduled and assign incidents based on technicians calendar availability?

We currently use Outlook and would love to be able to do this.

Hope this question makes sense.

  • We are not aware of an existing solution that would address what you are describing. A potential direction might be to use a solution like Zapier.

    I would like to nevertheless ask: What is the problem you are trying to solve and what are the use cases?

    • Are you trying to handle an OOO situation or are looking at agent availability during a work day?
    • If availability during a work day: How would you identify availability? Are you thinking that the presence of ANY meeting on the agent's calendar implies that the agent is not available?
    • Another question would be: When a new ticket arrives, how do you decide which agent to assign to? A ticket arrives at 9AM, the agent is available until 9:30AM. Is that enough info to determine that the specific agent should be assigned to a ticket that might take a while to process?

    If your focus however is on agents being Out of Office (OOO), in case you are not aware, we have the following capabilities (feature availability depends on the plan you purchase):

  • Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for looking at my question and replying back.

    We are looking for technician availability during a work day/week. We currently use Outlook and would like to have the capability within SW service desk to schedule incidents based on their work calendar.

    Currently, we assign ourselves upon our own capabilities and time. The problem we have is breaching SLA upon incident submission.

    Scheduling incidents within a single application, could help us  avoid that problem and assign tickets based on the level of urgency and my technician's time.

    I hope this helps explain what we are looking to accomplish.

  • Do you think SW would entertain the idea of engineering and implement this solution?

  • Thanks for the additional details. 

    As for implementing a solution: You are definitely welcome to submit a Feature Request/idea for this. A high number of customer votes for an idea, has significant impact on our prioritization process. 

    You can of course also work with a third party to develop a script that would leverage our API to manage ticket assignment. 

    I hope this helps.