How to block ad-hoc change requests?

We don't want our people to use the 'Ad-Hoc' change request item because there are no approval workflows, and therefor no accountability. 

Is there anyway to stop users from creating 'Ad-Hoc' requests and only use the CCIs? 

From a process perspective, we've created a generic "Request for Change" CCI that acts as our catch all. 

  • As the Product Manager responsible for the implementation of the change CCI, I am very happy to hear that you completely transferred your organization to rely on them.

    Currently there is no way to completely remove the Ad-Hoc option for the account.

    A possible "educational solution" might be to create an automatic rejection (via automation role) on such change requests, while explaining to the user  the right process.

    Hope it helps


  • I'm looking at the conditions in Automation Rules, but there doesn't appear to by anything that can target "Ad-Hoc" changes explicitly. Do you have any recommendations on how to select a condition?

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