Idea: restore keyboard navigation in Samanage

It'd be nice to have real keyboard navigation back in Samanage. Instead more and more keyboard actions are being removed. First it was tab navigation in incident creation, now you can no longer hit 'Enter' to complete manual time entry. It seems that the web console is being driven more and more to a mobile-like platform. I think it's possible to have the mobile-like navigation without losing the tabular navigation functions. So here are my requests:

Tab to change to all fields: restore drop down menus in the tab order, retain list lookup terms, arrows to move through the list, enter to confirm selection then tab to jump again.

Arrow key navigation for date selection boxes, enter to confirm or tab to confirm and jump to the next field, default to [TODAY].

Add Alt + Enter functionality to Create button similar to comment entry.

Restore Enter key functionality to Track Time function (maybe Alt + Enter again based on OnFocus?)

I realize that not everyone uses keyboard navigation but some of us old farts still do. ;)

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